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Site Assessment and Consultation

Conducting thorough site assessments to evaluate space availability, soil conditions, accessibility, and safety considerations. Providing expert consultation to clients regarding playground design options, equipment selection, and customization possibilities.

Custom Playground Design

Collaborating with clients to create custom-designed playgrounds tailored to their specific needs, preferences, and budget constraints.

Installation Services

Professional installation of playground equipment, site amenities, and shade structures by experienced and certified installation teams.

Ensuring compliance with industry standards, safety regulations, and manufacturer guidelines throughout the installation process.

Implementing proper anchoring, surfacing, and safety measures to enhance the longevity and safety of the installed equipment.

Safety Surfacing Installation

Providing various safety surfacing options such as engineered wood fiber, rubber mulch, poured-in-place rubber, or synthetic turf to cushion falls and reduce injury risks.

Expert installation of safety surfacing materials to achieve optimal impact attenuation and ADA accessibility compliance.

Project Management and Coordination

Overseeing all aspects of the installation project, including scheduling, logistics, subcontractor coordination, and on-site supervision.

Install Procedures

Ensure meticulous preparation of the installation area, aiming for a subtle slope of no more than 1 to 2 degrees, ideally directed away from buildings or structures to mitigate potential drainage concerns that might compromise the structural integrity of the play unit or any accompanying site amenities, unless explicit instructions dictate otherwise.

Line Locating procedures

Line locating procedures mandate that Platinum Playgrounds adheres to legal requirements by notifying line locating companies and obtaining a comprehensive report before commencing any ground-breaking activities for installation purposes.

Private Utility Lines

These are owned and maintained by private entities or property owners. They typically serve specific properties or developments. Responsibility for installation, maintenance, and repairs lies with the property owner or the private utility company contracted for the service.

Public Utility Lines

These are owned and maintained by government agencies or utility companies that serve the public. They are responsible for providing essential services like electricity, water, gas, and sewage to a broader area, often encompassing multiple properties or even entire communities.

Platinum Playgrounds cannot be held liable for accidental damage to private, unmarked utility lines, including irrigation or electrical systems.