Commercial playground at school

The Best Materials To Use for Playground Equipment

Choosing the right materials for recreational equipment enhances safety, durability, and functionality. At Platinum Playgrounds, we offer playground equipment manufactured using high-quality materials. Here are some of the best materials to use for play equipment:


Steel and aluminum are examples of suitable materials for the framework of playground equipment because they are strong and can withstand heavy use. Powder coating can enhance the longevity and aesthetics of steel equipment. Steel and aluminum can be molded and shaped to create custom playground designs.

Some materials are used for the playgrounds because they don’t become excessively hot in the sun, reducing the risk of burns for children playing on them during sunny days. Our designs of playground structures and equipment include seesaws, swing sets, slides, and climbing structures. Metal benches and seating are also found in playgrounds, allowing parents and caregivers to sit while supervising children.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is a reliable choice for constructing play equipment due to its various properties, including resistance to decay and insect infestations. Manufacturers can use pressure-treated wood to make climbing structures like jungle gyms, playhouses, and treehouses. They also use wood to manufacture posts, ladders, and platforms for playgrounds.

Wooden picnic tables and benches within playground areas can be constructed from this material. Pressure-treated wood may need periodic resealing or staining to protect it from the elements. Our installers can sand the edges and corners of wooden structures to reduce the risk of splinters or injuries.


Playground equipment must be safe, have a reliable service life, and offer low maintenance requirements. Manufacturers can use various types of plastic, such as High-density polyethylene (HPDE), to construct panels, cladding, tunnels, playhouses, climbers, and slides. Platinum Playgrounds supply plastic play structures with varied colors, patterns, and interactive features to enhance the play experience.

Swing seats made from HDPE can be designed to accommodate children with disabilities. These may include bucket seats with harnesses for added support or inclusive swing designs that allow children to transfer from a wheelchair onto the swing.


Other materials can withstand weathering, UV rays, and corrosion, making them a long-lasting choice for outdoor play equipment. Fiberglass can be suitable for water slides, splash pads, and water fountains. Manufacturers can customize this material into unique and creative slide designs, including tunnels, twists, and colorful patterns. 

Some playgrounds incorporate fiberglass benches, chairs, or picnic tables, adding functionality and visual appeal to the play area. Fiberglass slides are a common choice, and they come in various shapes and sizes, including straight, spiral, and wave slides. Manufacturers can mold fiberglass to include animal sculptures, themed characters, or interactive play panels incorporating games and learning activities.

Invest in Quality Playground Equipment

At Platinum Playgrounds, we have a collection of top-grade playground equipment that can match your budget. We serve clients in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Our play equipment is inclusive, allowing children of all abilities to enjoy the playground. We source quality equipment that meets safety standards and guidelines, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Contact us today to discuss play equipment options.