Different Types of Commercial Playgrounds

Commercial playground equipment plays a significant role in shaping children’s play and learning environments. Equipment suitable for various ages and abilities can be found in schools, parks, and community centers. Commercial playgrounds prioritize safety and offer multiple traditional, innovative, and inclusive designs. Commercial Playground Equipment for Every Need At Platinum Playgrounds, we understand that each…

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Community Planning: The Role of Outdoor Amenities in Creating Vibrant Neighborhoods

Utilizing gazebos in community planning.

Amidst the growing prevalence of social media and virtual connections in our society, reclaiming a genuine sense of community and prioritizing face-to-face human interactions is more important than ever. Nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of new community planning and development, where the need for authentic connections and shared experiences takes center…

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The Best Materials To Use for Playground Equipment

Commercial playground at school

Choosing the right materials for recreational equipment enhances safety, durability, and functionality. At Platinum Playgrounds, we offer playground equipment manufactured using high-quality materials. Here are some of the best materials to use for play equipment: Metal Steel and aluminum are examples of suitable materials for the framework of playground equipment because they are strong and can withstand…

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7 Reasons to Choose Commercial Playgrounds vs Residential Playgrounds

When creating an ideal play space for children, the choice between commercial and residential playgrounds is a significant decision parents, educators, and community planners must make. While both options have their merits, commercial playground equipment offers several advantages. Here are seven reasons to choose commercial playgrounds over their residential counterparts: 1. Durability and Safety The…

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Indoor Play Equipment for Fall Fun

Indoor play equipment

As the leaves begin to change and the temperatures drop, the arrival of fall signals a shift in our recreational activities. While outdoor play may become less appealing due to the changing weather, there’s no need for children to miss out on the joy of active play. Commercial indoor play equipment from Platinum Playgrounds offers…

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5 Reasons To Choose Us for Commercial Playground Equipment

Daycares, schools, and churches can benefit from quality commercial playground equipment for kids. As you consider your playground options, work with Platinum Playgrounds for help determining which size and style of equipment is right for your space. Here are five reasons to choose Platinum Playgrounds as your playground equipment provider:  1. Over a Decade of…

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What Size of Playground Equipment Do You Need?

To determine the size of commercial playground equipment you need, consider various aspects, including available space and the age of intended users. Some areas can utilize large playground equipment structures, while others should choose smaller, simpler pieces. Here are a few things to consider when selecting the correct size for your playground equipment:  What Space…

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Should You Install a Sun Cover Over Your Playground Equipment?

A playground allows children to play, socialize, and enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment. At Platinum Playgrounds, we recommend including sun protection in your installation. Not only does it help keep children safe while playing, but it can also increase the accessibility and longevity of your equipment. Here are some reasons why we recommend…

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Platinum Playgrounds are BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS

Platinum Playgrounds is a leading provider of park and playground equipment in the industry, offering the latest and most innovative products to customers worldwide. With a wide range of offerings, Platinum Playgrounds has something for everyone, from traditional playground structures to custom designs that cater to specific needs. The company prides itself on being at…

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